Custom plush toys, bespoke corporate toys, restoration and repair toys in plush clinic, individual advertising handmade design -
Custom plush toys
Custom-made plush gift. We can make handmade toys based upon your artwork, drawing, sketch or cartoon. Individual sewing stuffed toys. Your toys, made to order. International delivery service...
Restoration toys
Restoration of soft toys, toys repair, regeneration childhood memories! Careful handmade restoration. Mending, washing, packing a new filler. Update soft toys. Plush time machine! International delivery service...
Plush adverising design
Bespoke corporate toys
We create the plush toys for cuddly Impressions corporate style your company! Custom Promotional advertising toys. Any advertising the exhibition stuffed toys on the frame! International delivery service...
social activity
Journey of our toys
Art-berloga - joint shares, sponsion, support of measures, prize funds of exhibitions and competitions...

Corporate dogs for Kleenex
Plush hero for MusicBox
Big soft logo for StiltSoft
Corporate tooth for Swiss Dent
Corporate cats for Sales Doubler
Corporate tilds for Avanto
Corporate hippo for Perfect Dental
Corporate cats for MacPaw
Corporate frog for Noblet Media CIS