Toys restoration, soft toys recover by photo, repair of soft toys, return of soft friends, the revival of pleasant childhood emotions - Art Berloga.

 Plush clinic for soft toys "Art-berloga" will gladly accept all plush patients, which need professional help of our experts!

Clinic Services: Restoration of soft toys, recovery by a photo, repairs, cloning, reconstruction and resurrection of soft toys. It often happens when toy becomes a real family heirloom, carries pleasant memories, smell of childhood and Mom. And what a great disappointment when through the years it loses its original form, gets older, begins to crumble. Also it happens when it's lost...

But don't be upset! Daunting task doesn't exist for us! We are ready to prove this again and again and always when we make every next masterpiece! Our work on the restoration and repair of soft toy surprises the owners of favorite childhood friends. Our experts resurrect plush toys by photo and thus help many kiddies and adults to renew friendship and pastime with favorite toys. Be softer with us Art-berloga.