» » Welcome to the world of plush happiness Art-berloga

Welcome to the world of plush happiness Art-berloga

Welcome to the world of plush happiness Art-berloga  

We are glad to offer you the following services of our "Soft Relations Bureau".

Our specialization:

- Development and embodiment of toys in quantity of 1 unit and more;

- Production of exclusive handmade soft toys;

- Toys sewing by photos, drawings, sketches, desires; http://world.art-berl oga.com/custom-plush-toys/

- Creation of corporate and brand toys - toy souvenirs with logo or symbol of the company; 

- Private label, logo, symbol on the toy by means of various kinds of application; http://world.art- berloga.com/bespoke-corporate- toys/

- Tailoring of soft promotional products and exhibition samples (toys, stands, dolls, costumes and soft logos, marketing elements)

- Bespoke sewing of plush character by customer's wish.

- Consultations of plush technologies designer;

- Unique flirtation toys labeled by your wish (the author's bears and bunnies).  http://world.art-berloga.com/ flirt-toys/

- Restoration and repair of soft toys in our "Plush Clinic"; http://world.art-berl oga.com/restoration-toys/

- Incarnation of individual plush fantasies!

The uniqueness of our offer is in ability to create products in low quantities of 1 unit and more ...

We are always ready to cooperate. We are able y to work even in busy schedule. More information and examples of our portfolio you can see here:

P|S: Softer with us!
To create an exclusive is not just our job - it's our lifestyle! Soft relations office Art-Berloga inspires to make your relationships softer with help of the original confessions and surprises, amazing handmade gifts, incredible flirting sentiment embodied in soft toys. We are pleased to present you our products and hope that you will appreciate them highly! Just note, all our creations are unique and exclusive! Each product is the only one!

If you are tired of the painfully cheap and low-quality toys, as well as counterfeit of famous brands - join us! Be individual and we will help you!

It should be noted that Art-Berloga is socially active and creative unit! And we can't stay away from the public! Sincerely interested in charitable activities, all kinds of creative evenings and social events! We are ready to sponsor such actions and participate actively! We wait for your offers!

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