Authors development of Art-berloga "Flirting Toys" - individual plush handmade confessions.

Flirting toys - the latest development of Ukrainian designer and co-owner of the brand ART-BERLOGA - Alyona Gold. This format of toys is prompted and inspired by life itself. After all, all people are striving for relationships, but not all are able to build them, and flirting toys will help to start communication, surprise the chosen one, move to closer contact or make an marriage offer. We call them plush messenages. All that is impossible, scary or can't be told in words can be said with the help of unique flirting toys. They don't blush and don't hesitate) Our hunks and bears bring people closer together, place accents in communication and are custom-made in the only copy! Each toy is assembled in full accordance with your wishes, an individual pose is developed, themed accessories are selected and, of course, a unique "message" is put, which necessarily touches the recipient. Our toys bring people together! Checked by the whole world!