Corporate toys creating, toy brand.
Do you want to congratulate your colleagues and customers outside the box with creativity? Please contact us! We will help you in bringing to life all of your ideas, and in case when there are no ideas, we will generate it for you! And create fabulous gifts for customers and employees of your company! Soft toys with company logo are designed individually. Soft relations bureau serves corporate orders from one or more copies.Also we can execute exclusive gifts orders for your chief managers.
  • Corporate and brand toys creating, with logo or symbol of the company;
  • Corporate marks! Various kinds of images drawing on fabric;
  • Branded soft toy of a company;
  • We design and create a plush-marketing techniques to promote products and services;
  • Large soft stands for advertising.
We also develop and create "outdoor toys" - toys designed to brighten up your leisure, outdoor rest. After all, our "outdoor toys" are not afraid of the weather conditions and operational loads. Toys made of durable waterproof material. Can be easily cleaned of contaminants. Toys are designed specifically for you by the finished sketch / drawing / photo. Contact us! Softer with us! Art-berloga.